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7 Labatt Avenue Building 3D Renderings

7 Labatt Avenue Rendering 1I was commissioned by 7 Labatt Avenue, in Toronto, to produce two renderings of the building to use on their website and in building-lease marketing materials.  The company I work for, SevenL Networks, is in this building.

The building had a requirement for me to produce the renderings as quickly as possible but on a very tight budget (just $2,000) so these produced over a one-week period a few weeks ago.

I wish that I was given a bit more time so that I could have touched it up a lot better, but they told me that it was more than sufficient for their needs, and the customer is always right.

7 Labatt Avenue Rendering 2

Backplate photographs were taken from the top of the building and dropped into the background of the final rendered image to give it a bit of realism and give context to the building in relation to it’s immediate surroundings and the downtown core of Toronto.

I will most likely be turning these two renderings into a “howto” tutorial over the coming weeks, so keep this site in your browser and refresh often!

Backplate photographs were taken from the top of the building and dropped into the 7 Labatt Avenue Rendering 2

3D Rendering of Spheres & One Standing Out

Sphere Standing OutA client of mine needed a way to show that their services and they, as a company, stand out within their heavily competitive industry.  I suggested that they keep the imagery simple so that the viewer doesn’t become distracted in any way, and that they remain focused on one particular object which would respresent my customer’s organization metaphorically.  We decided that the simplicity of a sphere would do all of that.

The customer does not have exclusive usage of the image so if you can get any use from this image, please feel free to click the image for a larger version and download the file.  Please try and give me credit if it’s at all possible in whatever it is you end up using it for.  Or send me the link so that I can check it out and maybe add it to this blog post.

The rendering took just over an hour to model, another 20 minutes to texture and 45 minutes to light.  I initially rendered the image at about 6000 x 4500 so the render process took about 2 hours.  I produced the full-sized image for their non-exclusive rights for just $250.

3D Data Center Server Racks Rendering

3D Redering of Server Racks in a Data Center 1The company that I started up back in 2003, and still work for on a full time basis (SevenL Networks Inc), was in need of a data center layout overhall for our servers.  Originally we had our servers located on vertical telco racks but as time went on and we grew we realized the original layout wasn’t very efficient.  Pulling out servers for part replacements or upgrades was a two person job and the airflow wasn’t very good.  As a result, we spent more time than we generally needed to in order to do small tasks and some servers were running too hot.  In addition, the previous layout resulted in a poorly set up system for electrical power whereby we were sitting right at the edge of the power supply’s capacity.  A rework was needed.

3D Redering of Server Racks in a Data Center BackI began working on a new layout for racks in which our servers could reside that would eliminate all the problems mentioned above and these two images are the final results.  Now, the servers can easily be taken down and put back in, there’s enough space between them for good airflow and the bottom racks allow the cooled air from our HVAC system to filter up through all the servers more efficiently.  In addition, network cabling is easy to deal with and power is no longer an issue.  All in all, our new setup is significantly more efficient than the previous layout.  3D modelling to the rescue!