Star Trek TV Series 2017 – Teaser – Is it Praxis?


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New Star Trek series, coming to CBS in 2017

CBS released a teaser for the new Star Trek television series that’s coming in 2017.  To date, no cast or ship crew have been announced, however rumours on the Internet suggest that the new series may take place between Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek: The Next Generation.

If that’s true, then it’s set during a tough time for the Klingons as the explosion of their moon, Praxis, is a key plot point for Star Trek 6.

The CBS Star Trek 2017 teaser trailer seems to show a small planet or moon that has been destroyed, followed by either a meteor or debris field.

Star Trek TV Series 2017. Is this Praxis?

Might this be Praxis, during or shortly after its destruction in Star Trek 6?

Star Trek TV Series 2017. Is this Praxis?

A closer view of a planet or moon (Praxis?) that appears to be getting destroyed

This planet appears to be far too close to its sun to support the type of environment that’s clearly on the planet.  Does this indicate its on the path to its destruction?  Is its star preparing to go super-nova, suggesting this is not the same moon or planet as was destroyed in the previous scene?  Amargosa?  Romulus?  If it’s Amargosa, that’s Star Trek Generations (7).  If it’s Romulus, we’re looking at post-Voyager.

Is this planet doomed in the new Star Trek 2017 teaser

You can watch the teaser trailer for the new Star Trek tv series that’s coming in 2017 here:


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