GSM7324 Password Not Working After Changing/Updating Password?

Really short and simple post here.

If you’ve changed the admin password on your GSM7324 and are finding afterwards that it’s not accepting your password and you know you’re typing it correctly, I’d like to point out that the GSM7324 device accepts a maximum of 8 characters in length.  The manufacturer is nice enough to tell us in the documentation but not nice enough to tell us as we’re typing in our new password.

So try truncating your password as you type it in to just 8 characters.

password: mypassword (which is 10 characters) would then become….
password: mypasswo (which is 8 characters)

This should get you in.  If not, sorry, I’m not sure what’s happened in your situation.  Perhaps the use of special characters are not allowed in which case try the password whilst ommiting those characters.  Just a guess.

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