3D Rendering of a Network Convergence Gateway

3D Render of Network Convergence GatewayA friend of mine that runs a small web design company with one other fellow have asked me to produce a rendering of one of their customers’ products.  They’ve been building the website for the past couple of weeks and were supplied with pictures of the convergence gateway, but the pictures weren’t very professional.  So I offered my services to them free of charge as a bit of an experiment with texturing metals.

This image isn’t the final result that they ended up using (different lighting) but the model is the same.  The texturing is slightly different too.  Unfortunately I can’t post that one here due to ownership issues with the image.

It was the first time I have been able to successfully produce a realistic metalic texture that reflects its surroundings properly but doesn’t look like a mirror.

The model took about 4-6 hours to create, texturing another 2 hours, lighthing was quick at about 30 minutes and then the final rendering took another 30 minutes.

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